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 You worked really hard to have the following outstanding high school student profile:

  • SAT I: 1500+
  • ACT: 32+
  • SAT II's:  750 or higher on 3 tests
  • GPA:  4.5 weighted out of 4.0.
  • AP classes: 7+ AP classes.
  • Achievement: National Honors Society and several achievement and scholastic awards.
  • Stellar letters of recommendations.
  • Outstanding and amazing summer activities.
  • Volunteerism: Helped the less fortunate, traveled abroad and helped the less fortunate, tutoring underprivileged students, created a foundation or your own non-profit organization and over 100 hours of voluntary service.
  • Artistictalent: First violinist, pianist, oboe, and/or marching band and /or jazz band.  Won state and/or World competitions.
  • Literary talent:  Authored a book and/or published scientific research papers or articles.
  • Athletic talent: Tennis, badminton, lacrosse, cross-country, skiing, ultimate frisbee, equestrian, swimming, crew, field hockey, ice hockey and/or soccer.
  • Perceived perfect Common Application and essays.
  • Assumed connections.
  • Attended the "right" suburban public high school or private high school.

Yet you were still WAITLISTED or REJECTED from the Ivies and highly selective colleges and universities?

The questions you should be NOW be asking are:  What went wrong and what can I have done about it?  

Because after all your hard work in achieving the above student profile, do you really want to settle and attend a safety school or worse a school where other students with less scores than you will be attending?

We are specialists in helping students off the waitlist and students who have been rejected gain acceptance to Ivy League and highly selective colleges and universities.  We are the only firm (because of our team's knowledge, research, experience, expertise, insight and long-term relationships) that provides this type of specialized:  Off-waitlist/Rejection-acceptance Program.

Waitlisted or rejected admissions counselor

Waitlisted or rejected

Let' face, we know the value of an Ivy League degree and so do you!

waitlisted or rejected?