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Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions Advisor Educational Consultant Barrett Hazeltine Engineering

"Dr. Lowe is the real deal.  He is a passionate, devoted, enthusiastic and trusted advisor who uses his positive energy, knowledge, intuition, imagination and creativity to help his clients succeed!" - Sundeep Patel

"Dr. Lowe possess an eclectic advisory style that is unmatched and impossible to stereotype and duplicate."- Robert Huang

Television interview of Dr. Lowe after his "Getting Into Top Colleges"admissions seminar. 

Dr. Lowe at "Getting Into The Ivies" college admissions seminar.

Dr. Lowe is an active member in MOMATH (National Museum of Mathematics).  The Museum specializes in visual and graphical methods to convey mathematical concepts.  math is used in the secretive world of quantitative investing (quants) and used innately and creatively by jazz musicians, athletes and artists to express their artistic styles and works.  "Who said math is just for geeks?"

Dr paul Lowe

Dr. Lowe at Harvard College's Admissions Office

Dr. Lowe at Pinnacle Educational Center's world headquarters in Woodbridge, CT.

Dr. Lowe visiting MIT.

Dr. Lowe with Bruno (Brown University's mascot) at Maddock Alumni Center.  Dr. Lowe is a Brown alumnus (undergrad) and an active Brunonian.  He is a former treasurer of the Brown Alumni Association and Board of Governors member.

Dr. Lowe with Dr. Stephon Alexander, theoretical physicist, Brown University professor, jazz saxophonist and author of "The Jazz of Physics" at a Brown Commencement lecture on physics.

Dr.Lowe with Dr. Marcel Smith, percussionist, drummer and ethnomusicologist.  Dr. Smith is the director of Pinnacle's Jazz Education and Scholars Program.

Professor Barrett Hazeltine and Dr. Lowe at a Brown University Commencement.  As a freshman at Brown, Dr. Lowe enrolled in Prof. Hazeltine's famous Engine 9 and Engineering 90 courses.

Dr. Lowe at his "Beating the Odds" college admissions seminars

Dr. Lowe at his "How To Stand Out" college admissions seminar.

US Senator Richarrd Blumenthal Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions Greenwich
Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions Advisors Educational Consultant Columbia University College
Dr Paul Lowe Ivy league Admissions Advisors Educational Consultant Stand Out Seminar
Dr Lowe Stephon Alexander The Jazz of Physics

Dr. Lowe with Tommy Hilfiger of the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation at The "Reimagining Education: Preparing Our Students for the Future" Event‎ in Greenwich, CT. Mr. Hilfiger was a panelist at the event. 

Dr Paul Lowe Ivy league Admissions at Yale University

Dr. Lowe at his "College Admissions & Black Students" college admissions seminar at The Urban Collective.

Dr. Lowe with Eric Furda, Dean of Admission, University of Pennsylvania.

Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions with Eric Furda University Pennsylvania
Dr Paul Lowe Ivy league Admissions Advisors Educational Consultants Najee Saxophonist

Dr. lowe - Photo Gallery

Gwen Edwards, senior producer at News 12 Connecticut, with Dr. Lowe on "Our Lives"  - What's New in College Admissions Trends Series.

Dr. Lowe at Yale University-Undergraduate Admissions.  Dr. Lowe personally visits each Ivy League and high selective colleges several times annually.

Dr. Lowe at Dartmouth College-Admissions Office.

Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions Advisor Educational Consultant
Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions Advisors Jazz musician drummer percussionist Marcel Smith

Dr. Lowe with two-time Grammy nominated jazz saxophonist and flautist, Najee, at the Smooth Jazz Cruise in Manhattan.  Najee is one of the original innovators of Urban Contemporary Jazz/Smooth Jazz. With two Platinum and four Gold albums, he is the recipient of many other music awards including the Soul Train Music Award for Best Jazz Artist.   

Dr Lowe Ivy league Admissions Tommy Hilfiger

U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal with Dr. Lowe at the Greenwich Chamber of Commerce annual picnic held at Byram Park discussing college admissions. Dr. Lowe is an alumnus of Brown University (undergraduate) and U.S. Senator Blumenthal is an alumnus Harvard College.

Dr Paul Lowe Ivy League Admissions at Getting into to Ivies seminar

Dr. Lowe on one of his many visits to Columbia University in the City of New York. 

Dr Paul Lowe college consultants

Dr Paul Lowe Ivy league admissions advisors educational consultant beating the odds seminar

Dr. Lowe discusses the relationship of college admissions and media with HAN Radio's Rob Abrams.