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At Ivy League Admissions Advisors, our team is aware that the educational needs of our clients extend beyond their home countries and continents.  Our team, therefore, has developed extensive global professional and alumni networks and partnerships that extend to Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa, the Middle East and Australia.  Our team of educational consultants and worldwide admissions experts form a Global Admissions Intelligence Network (GAIN) that sets us apart from any other admissions consulting firm!  As a result of GAIN, our international as well as U.S. clients have a competitive advantage.

The cultural, intellectual, racial, and professional diversity within our team helps us identify what makes our clients stand out and get in!

What makes us America's Premier Independent Educational Consultants for Ivy League Admissions?  Our Team

1.  We know, understand and embrace the COMPETITIVE NATURE of the college admissions process in highly selective, competitive and Ivy League colleges and universities.  In the present selective admissions climate, there are no safety schools.  Competition is an integral and fundamental part of college admissions.  Our clients are, therefore, winners!

2.  We provide a concierge-type admissions advisory service  and  spend unlimited time with parents and students, by sometimes even providing home consultation visits as well as unlimited phone and Skype conferences.

3.  For domestic as well as international college students interested in transferring, we become the designated transfer-college admissions advisor to  transfer to Ivy Leagues.

4.  We supplement, complement and add value to the efforts of high school counselors by working one-on-one with students.

5.  We identify details that may be overlooked and help you avoid irreparable mistakes.

6.  We problem spot as well as problem solve.  Therefore, because of our experience and expertise we view problems as surmountable challenges and admissions opportunities.

7.  We bridge the gap between what you believe you know what you should do and what you actually must do.

8. We work efficiently, rapidly, efficiently, and diligently because the college admissions process is time-sensitive.

9.  Our core team members leverage our contacts, connections through our professional and undergraduate/graduate school alumni networks. Our Ivy League Student Network provides us with up-to-date and real-time information!

10. At ILAA, our senior advisor and Ivy League admissions expert,  Dr. Paul Reginald Lowe, who is an Ivy League graduate, knows first hand, as a parent of children, all of whom have matriculated at Ivy League universities, and as an Ivy League alumnus, that education is a long-term commitment and long-term investment that holds its value over time and appreciates in value. 

11.  As professional education/college admissions consultants, we personally visit over 90 colleges and universities annually (We visit each Ivy League college three times annually). We, therefore, know the right people at the university level to contact for insight, information and insider knowledge and have the experience dealing diplomatically with complex personalities.  Read more about one of Dr. Lowe's visits to Yale.

12.  We attend over 40 local, regional, national and international educational conferences, seminars and workshops where we meet university and college-senior administrators, deans/directors of specific departments (i.e. engineering, arts, economics, business, science, film, music, athletics, etc.) who discuss educational policy in their schools.

13.  We have the cumulative and proprietary knowledge about colleges that parents, students and other independent educational consultants don't have.

14.  If you posit college admissions as a  game of chance, then would you want your child to be in the 90% or more of applicants who are REJECTED or do you want to increase your child’s chances to the 10% of those ADMITTED.   Our clients are in the 10% of applicants who get in!

15.  As a team, we also help students who have been waitlisted or rejected through our: College Application Rejected affiliate.

16.  We believe in positive outcomes and results!

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OUR DIVERSITY COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE (DCA): No other admissions advisory and educational consulting firm with a culturally, ethnically and racially diverse team can truly appreciate and understand the meaning and value of standing out and apply it to the competitive admissions process.  Our DCA translates to successful admissions and results!  Diversity does matter!

Our senior admissions counselors, Dr. Paul R. Lowe and Dr. Nadine Cartwright-Lowe are active members of the following organizations that uphold the ethical and professional standards and principles of good admission practices in college and independent school counseling: National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), New Jersey Association for College Admission Counseling (NJACAC), New York State Association for College Admissions Counseling (NYSACAC) and International Association for College Admissions Counseling (IACAC).  

Principal Availabilty

Global Admissions intelligence Network

Alumni Advantage:  Our team are alumni of Ivy League undergraduate as well as graduate programs.  We continuously interact with other alumni and their alumni associations.  This dyanamic connection helps our clients.

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*America's Premier Independent Educational Consultants for Ivy League Admissions*

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Our exclusivity allows us to provide undivided attention, commitment and principal availability to each client.  The principal and founding managing director of ILAA is Dr. Paul R. Lowe.

Unlike other educational consulting firms, where clients are assigned to different junior employees or junior consultants, Dr. Lowe (as principal, CEO and President) personally works with each of his clients face-to-face so that they directly benefit from his expertise, experience, contacts and the collective knowledge of his educational team.  Dr. Lowe uses the collective intelligence of his diverse team of experts to strategically design and implement haute couture-type admissions plans for clients so that they gain acceptance to Ivy League and Ivy plus schools.

As an admissions expert who also focuses on public relations and personal branding within the context of college admissions, Dr. Lowe helps his clients identify and refine their personal image so that they can differentiate themselves from other qualified applicants.  Consequently, Dr. Lowe works with a diverse team of image consultants, character education experts, fashion designers, visual and performing artists, musicians, screenwriters, public relations and personal branding consultants and ethnomusicologists.

As an experienced educational consultant with a multifaceted background and Ivy League credentials, Dr. Lowe specializes in challenging, unique and seemingly insurmountable cases.  Why hire Dr. Paul Lowe and his team of experts?

Dr. Lowe founded and leads a team of experts that have different faces, different races, different cultural backgrounds, different perspectives and different experiences.  Being different, and understanding differences give our clients the competitive advantage to stand out and get into Ivy League schools.  No other educational consulting firm understands or uses the collective intellectual power of differences to help their clients get into Ivy League schools!   What makes Dr. Lowe different and how does this help your child get accepted?