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Our team of experts  have different faces, different races, different cultural backgrounds, different perspectives and different experiences.  Being different, and understanding differences give our clients the competitive advantage to stand out and get into Ivy League schools.

You may ask:  How can you achieve these numbers?  How is it that 90% to 95% of top, qualified students who apply to these schools are REJECTED and our clients are accepted?   The answers:  (1) We help our clients make the right decisions the right way. (2) We know what you don't know!

"College admissions involves a series of choices.  For some, it doesn't matter, to some it does matter!  Parents who want the best for their children choose to hire the best" - Dr. Paul Lowe

"Year after year, I see what happens when students (and their parents) make choices and decisions without the benefit of an experienced admissions advisor." - Dr. Paul Lowe

2022 Acceptances

Our U.S. and international client acceptances:

  • Barnard College -  4
  • Brown University - 6
  • Brown University PLME - 8
  • Carnegie Mellon University - 3
  • Columbia University - 6
  • Cornell University - 12
  • Dartmouth College - 6
  • Duke University - 4
  • Georgetown University - 8
  • Harvard College - 7
  • Johns Hopkins -  4
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology - 5
  • Princeton University - 3
  • Stanford University - 5 
  • University of Chicago - 8
  • University of Pennsylvania - 4 
  • Yale University - 4

Congratulations to students (and their parents) who are now members of the class of 2026 of these Ivy League, highly selective or competitive schools and combined college/medical school program!

Acceptance Results Clients Admitted

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