Ivy League Application Tune-Up is designed for students (rising seniors, seniors and transfer students-who were rejected) the first time and are reapplying) who already have a college list and primarily want expert guidance and assistance with their applications and essays.

We know that students who are applying to Ivy league and highly selective colleges have high SATs, high GPA's, excellent extracirricular activities, volunteerism, perceived great letters of recommendations  and assumed contacts.  The problem is how to put this all together in a meaningful, convincing, and compelling way on applications and essays.

We analyze your student profile and potential chances for admissions to your selected colleges to develop the best strategies for your essays.
We uncover and discover useful relationships within your student profile and applications that you can't!  These relationships will bolster your application and help you stand out amongst other competitive and admissible applicants  This package includes assistance with your personal statement  (main common application) and 5 applications (including supplemental essays).

We  GUARANTEE that we will find multiple mistakes on your application, in your essays, in your supporting documents and in your student profile that would cause you to be rejected!​​  Do you want to be in the 89.7% - 95.4% of applicants who applied to the Ivies and were rejected!  See 2018 rejection rates in our Blog: It's Getting Tougher to Get Into The Ivies.

Our Application Tune-up services are intended for students who:

  • Know the schools to which they will apply.
  • Have completed a draft of the substantive parts of their application and personal statement/essay.
  • Wish to receive feedback on how to improve and strengthen their application and essay(s).

​What Ivy League Application Tune-Up offers:

  • Insider Tips:  Insight into what admissions officers are looking for and how they will score your application.
  • Unique Application Strategy:  Development of an individual application strategy just for YOU to increase your college acceptance possibilities.
  • Essay & Narratives:  Brainstorm and story development.  Correct, revise and enhance what you already have.
  • Activities & Resume:  Evaluation, edit and enhance of activity sheets/resumes/CVs.
  • Supplemental materials:  Guidance on supplemental materials including addendum letters, art, research, athletic recruiting video, etc.​

For our Application Tune-Up services, our professional team can:

  • Assist you in organizing and polishing your application and essays.
  • Review your drafts for spelling, content, style, tone, diction, word usage, and flow.
  • Review your draft for clarity, format, grammar, punctuation, and organization.
  • Skillfully PROOFREAD and EDIT your application and essays.
  • Find stray typos that an electronic spell check will miss.
  • Provide you with revisions.
  • Proof your final revisions before submission.
  • Coordinate multiple essays to ensure that they are different as well as consistent.

WE ADD SPARK TO YOUR APPLICATIONS & ESSAYS:  We review, proofread, edit and improve upon what you already have and then some!

We work with a team of professional readers, editors, former college admissions officers, marketing/public relations specialists who can help YOU:

  • Enhance your applications and essays so that they can CAPTURE admissions committees' ATTENTION!
  • Construct a well-written, coherent and focused essay.
  • Professionally proofread, edit and fine-tune the details of your application and essay.
  • Guide you to express yourself, accurately and concisely in your VOICE!
  • Effectively articulate your uniqueness so that you can stand out.
  • Communicate and express your strengths and individuality.
  • Highlight your interests, achievements, talents and special abilities.
  • Develop essays that convey your authenticity, genuineness and true self.
  • Write a compelling, meaningful, convincing and engaging essay.
  • Convince admissions officer and committees to look closely at your applications and want to ACCEPT you!


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