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Our U.S. and international parents are happy that they chose retain us and their children were accepted to Ivy League and Ivy Plus colleges and universities.  Here are some of the things that they say about us:

"Thank you Dr. Lowe. Your inside knowledge of U.S. college admissions committees was invaluable to us.  From our son's results, you clearly know how Ivy League admission committees think and what they are looking for." -- E. Morozova

"Alex got accepted because he just did the best he can in following your advice! Thank you again for your guidance! Thank you also for your encouragement to Alex. He enjoyed working with you a great deal.  We are just really grateful for your help. Thank you again for your great service and expertise. We are very fortunate to have you!" -- Pingping Wang - Son, Alex Wang, Union County Magnet High, NJ accepted to Yale EA.

"I discovered Dr. Lowe through parents at our temple who hired Dr. Lowe and whose daughter was accepted to Harvard.  I am grateful that they referred him to us.  Dr. Lowe’s ability to connect things is both insightful and magical.  Most of our meetings were conducted at our home which really accommodated my son’s busy school and after school schedules. In addition to many other things, he helped us through essays and prepared my son for interviews.  Dr. Lowe’s accessibility and turnaround time is spectacular.  He quickly answered all our questions throughout the process with detailed answers. Our son was accepted to Yale, UPenn and Brown and decided to go to Brown." -- Anchal Jain

"Dr. Lowe Thank you for providing the knowledge and advice for Sarah.  We are so happy that she was admitted to Columbia." -- M. Freidman

"Our son was accepted to Brown University's 8-year medical program.  I recommend Dr. Lowe to any parent who is looking for an educational consultant who can get the job done.  He delivered!  Dr. Lowe cared deeply about helping us and zealously worked on our behalf." -- Helen Yu

"Without Dr. Lowe and his team I am convinced that our daughter would not have been accepted to MIT, Stanford, Caltech, Princeton and other top engineering programs.  We would not have known what to include or not, and how to put it together correctly and in such an impressive way on the applications." -- M. Popov

"Dr. Lowe is a top educational consultant! His guidance helped our son get into Dartmouth." -- Richard Chen

"Dr. Lowe  Thank you for all your help!" -- Nikhil Trehan, Hamden Hall Country Day School/Brown University

"We trust you as the best professional in the admissions area in the U.S. and your advice is always priceless!  Appreciate your advice and supporting our daughter's journey toward Ivy League." -- Y. Chi, New Providence, NJ - Daughter, Dorothy Qu, New Providence High School, accepted to Dartmouth, Duke and Barnard.

"Dr. Lowe, I am so happy that my wife had followed up and called you about your firm. Your service is invaluable.  Our daughter was accepted to Yale, Columbia and Brown's Program in Liberal Medical Education. She can now fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor. With much gratitude." -- Nimesh Patel, NJ 

"Dr. Lowe's insightful suggestions and recommendations throughout the application process were amazing.  Nothing seemed impossible with his help as he motivated and encouraged us to see outside the box.  I can truthfully say that Dr. Lowe's cogent advice helped my son get into Harvard." -- Elizabeth Cheng, New York, NY

"When my son's boarding school college counselor send his college list, I was stunned.  The schools were not competitive or top schools.  In fact some schools I never really heard of.  I emailed Dr. Lowe and he quickly reviewed by son's performance and said he could help us.  My son was accepted to Dartmouth and UPenn.  Thank you Dr. Lowe."-- Indonesia Parent

"We are so happy we found you!" -- Muteo Huang, China - Daughter, Erin Zhang, Episcopal High School, VA, accepted to Carnegie Mellon

“Is getting into an Ivy League school really worth it? My son at Dartmouth thinks so! Thank you, Dr. Lowe.” -- Greenwich High School Parent