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We offer our  Assurance Admissions Program  to qualified students.

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I.  Before we describe our services, let's look at the reasons why you NEED our services.

 A.  Students and their parents make  lots of mistakes  during the admissions process.

 B.  Students make  lots of mistakes  on their applications and essays.

 C.  Parents and students  don't understand  the holistic, team and committee approaches in college admissions.

 D.  Students read the  same  books, visit the same websites and sound exactly alike, making it very easy for admissions committees to reject them.

 E.  Public high school guidance counselors are  overwhelmed  and spent only 22 percent of their time on college admissions and selection!

 F.  At elite private high schools, it's impossible for everyone can be accepted to the Ivies and Ivy Plus schools.  After paying over tuition of over

       $50,000, due you really want your child to  end up at a safety school that's a "good fit"?  Why hire us even if you attend private high school?

G.  Many independent educational consultants are  not versed  in the diplomacy, politics and collaborative efforts of Ivy League college admissions

        advising.  Therefore, why would you retain an independent educational consultant who is inexperienced?

H.  The  rejection rates  of these competitive colleges: schools: 90-95%.  Do you want your child to be in this percentage?


II.  Services

A.  Continuous Comprehensive Counseling Program  - Our comprehensive college admissions advisory service involves ongoing monthly consultations, unlimited e-mail, fax and phone correspondences, admissions strategies, SAT planning, mock interviews, letter of recommendation review, application/essay analysis and review, coordination and consultation of on-campus visits, plus more.  As a result of our exclusive, concierge-type services, our clients do not fall in the 90% - 95% of applicants who are REJECTED from Ivy League and other top colleges!  -  Why take the chance?

B.  Transfer to Ivy Leagues Program - For college students who wish to transfer to an ivy league college. for information please visit the website:  Transfer to Ivy Leagues.

C.  Ivy League Application Boot Camp -  The 2-day comprehensive and intensive application boot camps, during the summer and fall are specifically for high school rising seniors (current juniors) who have decided to apply to Ivy League colleges and universities. The camp is also for current college students who are interested in transferring and current high school seniors who were rejected the first time around and interested in reapplying to the Ivies. Excellent for international students who are interested in the competitive Ivy League college admissions process. Camp activities include: Application (including essay) brainstorming, review, editing during the camp, followed by an application consultation prior to submission of application. Please visit:  Ivy League Application Boot Camp.  Stay tuned for summer/fall 2017 schedule.

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D.  Our Subspecialty  - What happens when parents use another independent educational consultant or try the process on their own and their child is deferred, waitlisted, rejected, or waitlisted?  Perhaps you should call us!   We'll find out "What went wrong", review your applications, in some cases, appeal a rejection, and/or strategize your re-application process to help you to achieve your dream?  The real question is choice...After all your child's hard work, do you want him or her graduate from a safety school? A third-tier college?  Visit our affliate:  College Application Rejected

III.  How do we provide our personalized services?

A. Concierge-type  admissions advisory services to assure our clients' future.  Our concierge-style service is not for everyone, just for parents who truly want the best results for their children.

B.  In-person consultations: available in Connecticut, Westchester County, Manhattan, Long Island, New Jersey, MetroBoston and Rhode Island.  We provide convenient in-home consultations We schedule consultations around your hectic and busy lifestyle.  Seven days a week. Evenings and weekends!

C.  Phone and Skype consultations: available for U.S. as well as international clients.

IV.  Our Clients

Who chooses to use our services?  Parents who want the best for their children and see the real value of an Ivy League education.