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“Admissions is a competitive sport!  Why gamble with uncertainty?” – Dr.Paul Lowe

When choosing an independent educational consultant/admissions advisor - GO with the BEST!

Year after year,97% or more of Pinnacle/Admissions Advisors clients receive acceptance letters to their top-choice colleges.  A percentage unmatched by ANY suburban or even elite private school!

We offer our  Assurance Admissions Program to qualified students.

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Our clients hail from U.S. as well as international high schools: Our list of high schools.


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Our  ADMISSIONS BLOG: ACCEPTED  provides valuable insight, an insider perspective and expert advice on the competitive college admissions process!

Admissions to Ivy League and highly selective colleges is a competitive sport.  By using our cutting-edge knowledge, insider perspective and experience, we help our clients  WIN, rather than settle!  Our clients are WINNERS  in the admissions game.  Don't you want to be a  WINNER ? 

Blog:  "College Admissions Is A Competitive Sport - How To Win Your Personal Admissions Game!"

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Assurance Admissions Program Guaranteed money back

It's important to hire an admissions expert who continually visits Ivy League colleges and universities!  Dr. Lowe knows what you can't possibly know!

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Dr. Lowe and his team specialize in visiting Ivy League and highly competitive colleges and universities several times annually to understand the changes in admissions policies academic missions and campus perspectives of each institution so his clients have a competitive admissions advantageDR. LOWE KNOWS WHAT YOU CAN'T POSSIBLY KNOW!

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